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Sam sculpting

A quick charcoal & pastels session with Janice, while Sam scultps a small wooden figurine…

Patrick Reading (3)

Patrick Reading (3) – 30cmx30cm View in Shop →

Third time lucky! This time the canvas was the right size for a 2-hour sitting. I also found the frontal view much more inspiring. Also Janice introduced me (too late for that painting) to a color I think I’m missing – alizarin crimson – can’t wait to use it!

Now we just need another model, if anyone is up for it 🙂

Patrick Reading (2)

Another painting session with Janice, and Patrick as a model. Two hour sitting. Smaller canvas this time, but a cheap cardboard one with a rugged texture, which makes it impossible to layer paint thickly the way I like it! Oh well, must make sure I bring a proper canvas next time 🙂

Patrick Reading

Patrick Reading (80cmx60cm) – View in shop →

Another great portrait session at Janice’s fabulous studio. I was a bit nervous about the size of my canvas: 80cmx60cm versus little time to cover it: 2 hours. Definitely challenging! Looking forward to the next session!

Painting K&G

The finished painting in its new home, waiting patiently for its frame…

I finally completed this large commission (150cmx100cm).
Painting a portrait on this scale is definitely challenging, but it’s also great fun!

Portrait of Denise


Portrait of Denise (20cmx20cm)

Janice kindly invited me to an hour and a half painting session in her studio. A very interesting exercise, with only a stormy sky for our light source. The result is a bit rushed (1 1/2 hour is short, even for a small painting), but I do like the colours I found.

Denise (the model) is a yogi, and she was apparently managing to meditate with her eyes open – amazing to witness!

Alex Fayle


Alex is driving up from Spain today for lunch. We’re looking forward to hearing all about the progress of his book.

This is a guy who had a dream. And has gone out and lived it. Inspiring.

Here is a sketch of him from 2007

Klara watches the shooting stars

Pencil sketch of  Klara, age 9, who spent many happy summer evenings watching out for shooting stars in the garden.

Klara watches the shooting stars

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Arthur Ferrari


14th of February 2009 – Arthur is 30!

Another massively inspiring trip up to La Taillade, this time to celebrate Arthur’s big day.  Check out Arthur’s music on myspace – a wonderfully curious mix of 60’s cinematic, kookie, jazzy individualism pret a ecouter for 2009 .

We were treated to a night in the gypsy caravan on the grounds – greeting the dawn with views of undulating countryside, drinking coffees with Arthur, Claire, Seb, Edith, Pierre and many many more amazing people – who can not help but leave such company without the deep desire to go CREATE!!!