Sketches of Ann

More live sketching at Janice’s, this time we played with scraps of newspaper.

3 Live Sketches

Great live sketching session with Janice & Louise, practicing “following your eye”, “not looking at the paper”, “drawing the third dimension” etc. Really interesting new stuff to me.


Sam sculpting

A quick charcoal & pastels session with Janice, while Sam scultps a small wooden figurine…

Wall Story

Patrick Reading (3)

Patrick Reading (3) – 30cmx30cm View in Shop →

Third time lucky! This time the canvas was the right size for a 2-hour sitting. I also found the frontal view much more inspiring. Also Janice introduced me (too late for that painting) to a color I think I’m missing – alizarin crimson – can’t wait to use it!

Now we just need another model, if anyone is up for it 🙂

Patrick Reading (2)

Another painting session with Janice, and Patrick as a model. Two hour sitting. Smaller canvas this time, but a cheap cardboard one with a rugged texture, which makes it impossible to layer paint thickly the way I like it! Oh well, must make sure I bring a proper canvas next time 🙂

Dreamscape No. 3

Dreamscape N°3 (60cmx42cm) View in Shop →

A drawing done with soft pastels – what I like about it is this splash of water which came from-honestly-god-knows-where – it added a somewhat perfect finishing touch..

Patrick Reading

Patrick Reading (80cmx60cm) – View in shop →

Another great portrait session at Janice’s fabulous studio. I was a bit nervous about the size of my canvas: 80cmx60cm versus little time to cover it: 2 hours. Definitely challenging! Looking forward to the next session!

Painting K&G

The finished painting in its new home, waiting patiently for its frame…

I finally completed this large commission (150cmx100cm).
Painting a portrait on this scale is definitely challenging, but it’s also great fun!

Art en Vrac 2011

It’s been a while with no posts, sorry.

These are some 10-seconds skeches made during my exhibition at Art en Vrac in the summer 2011. 10 seconds is literally the time most people spend in front of an artwork. I wish it was a bit more…

Portrait of Denise


Portrait of Denise (20cmx20cm)

Janice kindly invited me to an hour and a half painting session in her studio. A very interesting exercise, with only a stormy sky for our light source. The result is a bit rushed (1 1/2 hour is short, even for a small painting), but I do like the colours I found.

Denise (the model) is a yogi, and she was apparently managing to meditate with her eyes open – amazing to witness!

What is it about Bacon?

Sunday, a painting of Jesus on the Cross, made whilst listening to interviews of Francis Bacon, who had a habit of destroying a lot of his paintings.

Well, this one got the chop as well, the only thing about it was that falling tear, captured here.

L’été est mort, Vive l’été !


Why do summers have to be so hectic when you’re over 35?

Let’s have a glass of wine to reflect on this shall we? Oh and raise it to our one-hundredth-facebook-fan! 🙂

more summer sketches & paintings to come…